Tuesday, February 26, 2013

'FUCK' is the only word which can be used to express many feelings.

'FUCK' is the only word which can be used to express many feelings.
1) Revenge :- Fuck you.
2) Failure :- I'm fucked.
3) Anxiety :- What the fuck is happening.
4) Anger :- Get the fuck out of here.
5) Curious :- How the fuck did you do that.
6) Love :- She is fucking beautiful.
7) Lust :- Aah fuck me baby.
8) Pride :- I'm fucking genius.
9) Victory :- I won that fucking competition.
10) Sad :- Why the fuck does this happen to me.
11) Confused :- What the fuck.
By this time you will be thinking this is one FUCKING great message :) ;) :D

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